Vehicle Tracking – Inspiring Employees to Help Cut Costs


I recently met with a company that fits tracking devices to business vehicles and was intrigued to learn how beneficial it can be for both the tracker and the trackee.  I thought I would share some insights below.


Some take a dim view of their company vehicle being ‘tracked’ by their employer and it is important to be aware of the rights of the employees and your obligations in terms of data protection, privacy and vehicle tracking laws (See  In short, it’s completely legal for a business to track its vehicles, but this must be for business management purposes only. 


The benefits to a vehicle tracking programme can be great.  Some companies choose to send their drivers on advanced driving courses and/or offer additional driving education courses and qualifications.  This can help lower an employee’s personal insurance. A better informed workforce can be inspired to be competitive with their driving – in a positive way.  A good tracking programme monitors fuel efficiency and smooth driving that avoids excessive acceleration, as well as speed-limit compliance. Employees can benefit from incentives and cash bonuses for better driving.   It is also better for an employee’s health and safety – if they are stuck with their vehicle due to ill health, weather or an accident, a fleet manager can pin-point exactly where they are.


GPS_Car_TrackerIt is thought that businesses using vehicle tracking can achieve a saving of up to 25% in fuel as a result of improved driver behaviour.  Fuel can also be saved through better route management and insurance companies often offer discounts for tracked vehicles. Some of the savings made can be used to reward the best performing company drivers in monthly bonuses – so everyone’s a winner.


  • Tracking signage on a vehicle can deter thieves
  • Better driving will reduce your emissions – so it’s better for the environment too
  • For deliveries, you can provide clients with more accurate ETAs
  • You can locate exactly where your vehicle is at any time – meaning fewer calls to drivers
  • Vehicles can be recovered quickly if necessary
  • There is a reduction in administration and paperwork – digital records mean no more log books.

We can facilitate vehicle tracking via our working partners – please drop me a line if you are interested in this, or any other aspect of money-saving motoring.



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